Dear Friends and Cohorts,

We are happy to announce that the groundbreaking event in Eupora, Mississippi was a success. The Food and Freedom Riders helped to plant raised beds and increase food access in a community that really needed it.

We were concerned that the harassment Courtney Oats faced on Friday may become a problem again today, however the garden has been planted and seeds of change sown!

Courtney Oats' arraignment is tomorrow, then we will have a better understanding of the charges and next steps. We ask that you all stay tuned, as we know an injustice to one is an injustice to us all. Courtney still faces hurdles, but just as the Freedom Riders helped her plant the garden, we recognize our support can make a difference.

With Passion and Excitement,
The Food and Freedom Riders, Navina, Maya, Sam, Hai, Lloyd, Anim and the Live Real Team

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