We're back on the west coast featuring United Roots Oakland, a community that seeks "to create a healing space for youth to gather, create a community hub for people to do collaborative projects with youth, and launch a Youth HUB that will support youth entrepreneurs doing ventures".

More at http://unitedrootsoakland.org/.

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We're featuring SEEDS's DIG Program in Durham, North Carolina, "a youth-driven, urban farming leadership development program...[which] empowers teens by teaching organic gardening, sound business practices, healthy food choices and food security values.

The program emphasizes sustainable living and growing practices, ecological balance, and the natural recycling of organic materials for plant health and nourishment. DIG youth are paid a stipend to cultivate fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers, and mushrooms, which they sell at the Durham Farmer’s Market and make available to [their] neighbors."

Major props to SEEDS for inspiring Bring Healthy Back! More at http://www.seedsnc.org/dig/about-dig/.

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Photo: SEEDS

We're jumping to the east coast now, featuring Nuestras Raices, a "grassroots organization that promotes economic, human and community development in Holyoke, Massachusetts through projects relating to food, agriculture and the environment".

Their youth projects aim to increase food justice literacy, exposure to entrepreneurship, and youth agricultural knowledge.

More at http://www.nuestras-raices.org/

Are you part of a group or org like Nuestras Raices and have thoughts about the future of the food justice movement? Share your's today witha  20-question survey: http://liverealnow.weebly.com/shaping-our-future.html.

Today, we're featuring City Slicker Farms, "empowering West Oakland residents, especially youth, to become leaders within our community and the food movement" by "decreasing the incidence of disease, improving health, and increasing economic and food self-sufficiency for West Oakland residents".

More at http://www.cityslickerfarms.org/.

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Photo: City Slicker Farms.

With Growing Power's Food Summit happening this month, we're featuring Growing Power Youth-Corps, a group of about 350 youth ages 14-22 years old offered living wage jobs for youth once graduated from the program, an awareness of where food comes from, and a safe and warm environment in which to grow and create.

More about the Youth Corps: http://www.growingpower.org/youth_education.htm

Many thanks to the Youth Corps for helping shape our future! Work at a food/youth organizations? Share your thoughts on our 20-question survey: http://liverealnow.weebly.com/shaping-our-future.html.

Photo: Growing Power Youth Corps.