Update on Courtney Oats and Her Pending Court Case (DONATE TODAY) - L I V E   R E A L
You might have already heard that one of our Food & Freedom Riders & Real Food Fellows, Courtney Oats of Eupora, Mississippi, faced an arrest that almost prevented her from joining us on the first Food & Freedom Ride. If not, you can read more about her case here.

In Eupora, the court-appointed public defender is deeply entrenched in county politics, so Courtney sought outside counsel to fight multiple trump charges.  So far, she’s been unable to find a pro-bono attorney. Her court date is set for this Tuesday, September 27th.

We have been working hard with her to find a lawyer in the area, but Courtney cannot afford to pay for one. 

  We're trying to raise an additional $850 to secure a lawyer for her case.

Will you take a simple action to ensure Courtney has a fair trial, and a real chance at defending herself?

  These charges, and this trial, are just one example of dangerous and disrespectful harassment in Webster County, Mississippi. Courtney and her family are trying to do good for their community. Don't our taxpayer-funded police have something better to do than harass community activists?  Courtney and her family want to see a different culture of cooperation and caring for neighbors. They shouldn't be punished for this. 

  We can show Webster County police and the town of Eupora that the Oats are not alone, and they can't be harassed anymore.

  Donate here to Courtney's Legal Defense Fund.

Any amount you can give is deeply appreciated. And look out for more updates after the hearing on September 27th.

  Thank you for your support, that comes in so many ways.
   Anim, Navina, Hai, Sam, and the rest of the Live Real Team

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