Food and Freedom Rides: Day 5 By Aaron Cardona - L I V E   R E A L
Day 5.

The final day of my trip, we go to meet the congressmen (or their representatives) in Des Moines.  I am actually very taken by the fact that they would meet with us.  They talk about very good ideas and seem to be very in tune with what we are talking about.  They inform us that the Farm Bill will probably be extended for another couple years under the current bill’s provisions.  I can’t shake the feeling that his like for small farming, organic food and sustainable agriculture, is for gaining votes and support.  The vision that he provides of the huge farmer’s market in the main area on the weekends seems to be like it could be the coming tide or is it just trophy to put on the wall?  His comment of “We’re not attracting the good type of immigrants……” disturbs me.  Who are the good types of immigrants?  Obviously not the ones who are pushed off of their land……..Let’s just say that my feelings of government, politicians and politics have not changed, but rather been reinforced.

9/12/2012 05:28:28 pm

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