By Roy Frias, Food & Freedom Rider
  Fact: all trekkers of of the human race have a genetic predisposition to ambition.
    As you digest that Snapple fact, think back to all the peoples who migrated to new places in history.  The Israelites that fled the slavery of the Egyptians were ambitious.    The Black Americans that moved from the south to the north during the Great Migration were ambitious.  And the Freedom Riders that left their homes to ride buses and participate in sit-ins were indeed ambitious.
    The different accounts of people in history being ambitious all had something else in common.  They were working for justice.  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. expressed an idea that justice works towards correcting that which works against love.  Justice is adaptable. The terms that constitute justice are constantly being defined.  The Freedom Riders left on those Greyhound buses seeking justice.  Are you ambitious enough to seek justice?
    The Food and Freedom Riders share the same thing as the great trekkers of the world: we are ambitious enough to try to change our food system.  America is deteriorating.  Believe it,  look at the increase in rates of different cancers, heart disease, and hypertension.
    There are people around the country who are looking to change our food system.  Those modern day heroes are the champions of the Food and Freedom Rides of 2011.  These ambitious people believe in the stories they were told about Civil Rights Movement.  So as we start this journey we hope to show that we are as ambitious as a Freedom Rider. We ride for Food and Freedom.

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